Gym Divider Curtains 101

Our guide to gym divider curtains.


How Gym Divider Curtains 101 Works

For the past 40 years, we at Sport Systems have dedicated ourselves to designing, manufacturing and installing industry-leading athletic infrastructure and equipment.  Over time, we have fielded thousands of questions from our wonderful clientele and have found that in order to find the proper system, we typically have to answer the same core group of questions. 

Here they are along with some other helpful information:

General Information

Tips For Choosing A Gym Divider Curtain

This article will help you through everything you need to know regarding your next purchase of a Gym Divider Curtain...Read More

Why Choose a Motorized Gym Divider Curtain?

The unique concept of this revolutionary style top-roll or centre-drive curtain completely eliminates cables, belts and straps for easy maintenance-free operation. When the support structure allows, this curtain will roll up through a 12" wide opening, storing above the ceiling area to further enhance the aesthetics of your installation...Read More

Which Gym Divider Curtain is your most popular and why?

Our 4040 Top Roll is our most popular model simply because of its durability, smooth operation and ease of use.  When the support structure allows, this curtain will roll up through a 12" wide opening, storing above the ceiling area to further enhance the aesthetics of your installation.  This curtain is ideal for low ceiling height applications as it requires only 14" of vertical storage space...Learn More


Which Gym Divider Curtain is your fastest and strongest model?

When it comes to speed, strength and durability, our 4050 Centre Drive Gym Divider Curtain is second to none, with one of the most innovative designs on the market today.  This gym divider system utilizes internal tubular motors along with a counterweight, operating without belts, cables, wires or guide systems, fully eliminating the need for large rollers requiring extensive overhead structure attachment...Read More

What is your most economical Gym Divider Curtain?

Our 4013 Walk-Draw Curtain is the most cost-effective choice in terms of our gym divider curtain selection.  This product contains no motor and requires less labour to install - it can even be installed easily by your maintenance or facilities personnel...Learn More

Quote & Ordering Information

What information does Sport Systems need in order to receive an accurate quote?

We will need answers to these 5 questions to get your quote started:

  • Height from floor to bottom of truss
  • Truss spacing
  • Whether or not the curtain will be located directly under the truss
  • Whether the truss is perpendicular or parallel to the curtain
  • The total length needed for the curtain

What is the lead time on a new Gym Divider Curtain?

For the most part, you can expect this kind of turnaround for your new gym divider curtain: 2-3 weeks for technical shop drawings, 1 week for customer approval process and about 3-4 weeks for actual production of your new curtain.






Gym Divider Curtains 101 has been designed to serve as a road map to make it easy to navigate through these core questions.  Some of the above questions contain links to other pages.  These pages contain video, commentary, photos, and links to related articles which are all dedicated to teaching you about the topic at hand.




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