The Industry's Strongest
Dealer Network


Our dealer network serves as the framework for a number of strategic partnerships around the world, bolstered by innovative and customer-centred businesses.

This network is comprised similar-minded organizations serving athletic facilities, universities, colleges and other educational institutions as well as municipal, state and provincial governments among other industries.  Together we offer the very best in athletic equipment and infrastructure paired with a dynamic customer experience.

Below you will find a list of each of our current members.  We invite you to click the name of each individual organization to learn more about their business, goals and markets served.






  • OMNI Sport Inc.                                   
  • Royal Stewart Ltd.                                                        
  • RecTec Industries Inc                             
  • ABC Recreation                                    
  • Turf Masters Ltd                                  
  • Playground Planners                               
  • Park N Play Design Co. Ltd.                       
  • Coastline Specialities Limited                    
  • Little Rascals                                    
  • S.F. Scott Manufacturing Co. Ltd.                                          
  • Interior Visions                                  
  • Christopher Ronald Contracting Services           
  • Timbertec Inc.                                    
  • Athletica Sport Systems                           
  • Treadall                                          
  • Total Sport Solutions                             
  • Spectrum Educational Supplies Ltd.                
  • ParkWorks                                         
  • Atlantic Canada Play Connection                   
  • RecSporT Products                                                    
  • Equipment World